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A Necessary Precondition for Starting Our Conciliation between Us is The Disclosure On Your Side of Some Personal Information. To Make an Order, You Should First Become a Member Through the Member Registration Form Where We Will Request Your Full Name, The Address Where To Send The Products To You, Your Fixed Phone Number (Or Any Other Phone You Want The Which will be used for your best service), your e-mail address. Realworld.gr is the online store of the REAL WORLD UNIVERSITY IKE. He pledges to protect the personal data of his / her members / clients. In No Case Your Personal Data Will Not Be Given To Other Companies Without Your Permission.

Your Personal Data is Stored By Us For Your Only Purpose Our Service In Our Store. realworld.gr Following Unreconciliation The Principles of Personal Data Protection provided by the Relevant Laws and International Conventions are not intended to take any improper and unwarranted permission to use you.

Realworld.gr In No Way Discloses, Publishes, Sells, Exchanges Personal Information And The Information That You Trust Us. Also, You may at any time, if reasonable, make changes to the Personal Information you have been notified to us. All Your Personal Information is Absolutely Safe. In no event shall it be liable for any claims of legal or civil or criminal nature nor for any damages caused by visitors to our web site or third party due to a cause that is related to the operation or not and the use of the online or even reasonably inability to provide Services and Products Offered By Himself And Any Non-Allowed Third Party Interference in Products and / or Services or Information Shipped Through It. Not Responsible for Illegal Use of Credit Card From Non-Owner, Until Not Banked, Lost As A Customer's Responsibility To Keep Credit Card.

CANCELLATION OF ORDERS You can cancel your order, if you wish, free of charge, provided that our products have not been shipped from our store and within 8 working hours (working hours are considered to be the working hours of the physical store)